June 29, 2019

#1099. Automatic food maker maker that more than 700 food makers visit annually!

     A manufacturer of food machines “RHEON” that can not be used by craftsmen, not food machines that replace craftsmen!

“RHEON” is an Automatic Machinery manufacturer of food that is said to have changed the food industry. It boasts an overwhelming share of its high technology and has advanced to the world. The company is visited by more than 700 food manufacturers annually. The reason is not for the purchase, but the maker of the maker who has already purchased comes to consult about new recipe development. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a new product, but “RHEON” not only sells the machine, but it is also possible to use this machine to make food with such a recipe. For example, it is suggested that you can make a juicy hamburger by wrapping it with hard minced meat to make a juicy hamburger. Because there are so many options, there are more people in charge of developing food manufacturers who visit for consultation rather than inspection.

RHEON Automatic Machinery co.,ltd.
Tochigi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

"RHEON" is the world's first manufacturer of croissant automatic molding machines. With this company's Automatic Machinery, you don't need a craftsman, so you can enter from a completely different industry depending on your ideas.