June 27, 2019

#1098. A topic becomes heated to the meat of the soybeans which are usable in substitution for meat!

     A delicious “SOY MEAT” developed by a long-established miso maker founded in 1854, making use of the know-how of soybean foods!

“SOY MEAT” is a soybean meat that was developed using a technology that a long-established miso manufacturer, founded in 1854, has handled soybeans for many years. It matches the health-consciousness of people these days and attracts attention. It can be used as a substitute for meat, but because it is a retort type and it is very popular because it can easily consume the nutrition of soybeans while saving the trouble of cooking. Moreover, compared to meat, it is high in protein, low in calories, low in cholesterol, and low in fat without using animal ingredients. As it can be used for a wide range of dishes, there is also the phenomenon of exchanging recipes using “SOY MEAT”.

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Nagano Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The reason why "SOY MEAT" is accepted is not only in keeping with the health-consciousness of the times, but also because it is a food developed by a long-established miso maker and it also plays a role in reliance on food safety.