June 25, 2019

#1096. The strawberry plantation that inspections flood from all over the world!

     The latest technology and high quality strawberry production “MIGAKI-ICHIGO” that people from all over the world come to see!

“MIGAKI-ICHIGO” is a delicious, high-quality strawberry made with the world’s most advanced cultivation technology. People from all over the world visit this farm to inspect the latest technology to produce “MIGAKI-ICHIGO”. Fully monitor and automatically control the optimum environment required to produce delicious strawberries. For example, if the CO2 required for photosynthesis runs short in the house, the CO2 generator will automatically release co2 to compensate. In addition to CO2, temperature, humidity and the amount of solar radiation, etc. are automatically controlled by computer to be the optimum environment for strawberry growth. The biggest point is that they control the nutrients needed for strawberries. This company has an open farm and franchises farmers who support production. This company has been expanding overseas in partnership with Indian companies since 2012.

Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc.
Miyagi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The great thing about this company is that it will open up its own proprietary technology and increase the number of farms that can cooperate. Usually, they are closed in fear of their technology being stolen. Companies that grow significantly are different in their ideas.