June 21, 2019

#1094. Not only reducing food loss but also broadening the range of cooking, “VEGHEET”!

     The chefs of French cuisine are also acclaimed and the world is paying attention to “VEGHEET” made from vegetables!

“VEGHEET” is a sheet that can be eaten from vegetables. Since its development, its use has steadily expanded its use, and now it gets a high reputation for top-notch French chefs and it is used in their cuisine, major convenience store chains are adopted as food for sale. They are attracting attention again. In developing countries where distribution infrastructure is inadequate, it is gaining attention as processed foods that are nutritious and highly preserved. If vegetables thrown away without self life are set to “VEGHEET”, it is economical as well as the nutritional situation of the people can be improved. “VEGHEET” is expected to spread more and more in the seat.

Nagasaki Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Even children who dislike vegetables can eat it as "VEGHEET" and among the parents who are concerned about the health of their children, they are expanding such as exchange of recipe recipes using "VEGHEET".