June 20, 2019

#1093. a wonderful photosynthesis promotion machine “RA-43K” that will increase the size and sugar content!

     A revolutionary photosynthesis promotion machine “RA-43K” that compensates for carbon dioxide in the vinyl house and improves photosynthesis of food!

This company is the leading manufacturer of oil fan heater founded in 1964. Right now, the epoch – making photosynthesis promotion machine “RA – 43K” which this company developed utilizing the oil fan heater manufacturing technology is talked about. When using this “RA – 43K” inside a plastic house, not only will the raised strawberries grow up to three times the normal size, but also the sugar content will rise greatly. Moreover, it is the achievement in a cold district where there is little sunshine time. Photosynthesis proceeds in the process of growing crops. Carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis. The photosynthesis promotion machine “RA – 43K” is a device that supplements reduced carbon dioxide in the house and helps the photosynthesis of crops. It is a farmer’s savior who promotes the growth of crops and raises quality and harvest.

Dainichi Co., Ltd.
Niigata Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The photosynthesis promotion machine "RA - 43K" is a new product developed by applying this technology that this company has cultivated over many years. Also, the attitude to uncover the needs of this company creates innovative new products.