May 31, 2019

#1080. A beer garden where more than 300,000 visitors from overseas visit and enjoy beer and meals!

      Every day is a beer festival state with tourists all over the world. Beer garden attracting people with beer that can be drunk only here!

This beer garden is one of Japan’s most famous beer garden. Sapporo draft beer made directly at the factory and traditional Genghis Khan roasted fresh rum are offered. Beer is particularly popular with the “Sapporo Classic” draft beer directly delivered by the Hokkaido Plant and its taste is also known for beer communication around the world. The secret of the mysterious taste that the tiredness does not come even if how many cups are drunk, seems to be because it uses only fine aroma hops that have been carefully selected. As “Sapporo Classic” is a regionally restricted beer, there are other customers who visit Sapporo from Tokyo purposely seeking the taste of this beer. Buildings and facilities with a history of more than 100 years are also factors for attracting people.

Sapporo Beer Garden

Comments from Organizer

"Sapporo Classic" also attracts world beer lovers because this beer was originally developed as a beer that can be drunk while eating food. Therefore, although there is richness, it is a mysterious beer that does not get tired even if you drink many times.