February 20, 2019

#1074. Succeeded for the first time in the world for complete artificial cultivation of mushrooms!

Succeeded in complete artificial cultivation of pine mushroom of the same kind as porcini and truffle, a groundbreaking technology that could lower the price of high-class ingredients!

Porcini, truffle and pine mushroom are mushrooms that are known as high-class ingredients and belong to the type mycorrhizal fungi. One of the researchers at TAKI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Has been successful in the world for the first time in the world for complete artificial cultivation of similar mushrooms of pine mushroom over 6 years. All of the pine mushroom called porcini, truffle and Matsutake were also impossible to cultivate so far, so we had only to collect natural products once a year. With the success of this complete artificial cultivation, we have opened a way to produce the kind of mushroom called mycorrhizal fungi throughout the year. If we can harvest all year round, of course we can raise the harvest volume, so it is expected that inevitably the price of luxury mushrooms will become familiar. Recently in Europe, the decline of forest due to environmental destruction such as acid rain advanced, the amount of mushroom of mycorrhizal fungi kind is decreasing. From this point of view, the success of this complete artificial cultivation is drawing attention from all over the world.

Hyogo Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

This company is originally a top maker of the manure. According to having accepted the study of the mushroom which does not know whether this company succeeds for six years, this world's first success contributes in spite of being the passion of the researcher going away at the time.