February 15, 2019

#1072. Koji Fermentation “TOMOKO” added to feed that brings innovation to the livestock industry in the world!

     Amazing! Koji Fermentation additive “TOMOKO” which saves 25 to 50% of feed given to livestock!

“TOMOKO” is an additive for Aspergillus that was born from a liquid to be discarded in the process of producing Kagoshima prefecture specialty shochu. Just by adding “TOMOKO” to livestock feed, you can save 25% ~ 50% of feed and increase livestock weight. Giving chicken “TOMOKO” will benefit such as improving quality of eggs, increasing egg laying number and prolonging period of egg laying. In addition, “When TOMOKO is given to dairy cows, it is recognized that the quality of milk obtained and the increase in the amount of milk are increased. Many inquiries for alliances from foreign countries are being received now. In Europe, they are already expanding sales based in the Czech Republic.