February 13, 2019

#1070. A new taste of Japan’s first chocolate “Minimal”!

     Top runner of “Bean to Bar” to be noted, opening attention to the world of new chocolate unique in Japan “Minimal“!

“Bean to Bar” refers to a business style in which all processes of chocolate production, such as roasting, blending and molding etc., are consistently carried out at their own studio from selection of cacao beans. “Minimal” opened the first store in Tokyo as a pioneer of “Bean to Bar” in 2014. Two years later, they gained the highest gold medal in INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE AWARDS ‘s “Bean to Bar” category and gained a lot of attention. Fans are fascinated by the world of new chocolate, which is produced by the attentiveness of Japanese people and passion for chocolate. Currently, they are growing to have 4 stores in Tokyo. The feature of “Minimal” is that it does not add any extra things and aims at making delicious chocolate inherent to cacao beans by subtracting taste etc.