January 22, 2019

#1058. A long-established miso maker that has advanced overseas since 1976!

      Miso missionary maker with a 400-year history, which contributes to worldwide popularization of health food miso!

Miso is a traditional and healthy food ingredient in Japan, but now it is one of the ingredients attracting attention to world-renowned chefs. Although this manufacturer is a long-established miso maker founded in 1872, there is a history record that this maker of local area has started in the 1600s. This company has entered the United States since 1976 and has started selling overseas. Since 1983, they have started producing and exporting organic miso, and they are steadily expanding exports. This company sells miso, traditional Japanese traditional food, in a modern package that is not bound by tradition. In addition, they pursues ease of use and preservation with this package and it is very popular with customers overseas.

Kanemitsu Miso Co., Ltd.
Hiroshima Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The site of this company has "Quick, Easy, Healthy Recipe", and recipes that everyone can easily make Miso dishes are posted. It is a company that can be said to be a missionary of miso. Kanemitsu Miso is sold in the United States, Europe, Asia and so on.