January 11, 2019

#1052. A breakthrough technology “Trout Farming Project” to cultivate salmon on land!

     “Trout Farming Project” to cultivate salmon while circulating tap water 100% without using natural seawater or under-groundwater!

“Trout Farming Project” is an epoch-making cyclical closed-cycle aquaculture system developed by FRD Japan. Demand for salmon is increasing year after year, due to worldwide population growth and improvement of living standards. Also, consumption of fish other than salmon is expected to increase more and more in the future. Meanwhile, global catch is on a downward trend, and the need for reproducible aquaculture fishery is increasing more and more. The onshore aquaculture system used in the “Trout Farming Project” incorporates a device that greatly reduces the risk of fish diseases by eliminating the high cost factors that had been a problem in traditional land-based farming. In addition, it is possible to aquaculture even in the inland where it chooses the place, and aquaculture is enabled by the temperature control in the high temperature area. This company plans to enter the Asian region. By raising salmon at a place closer to the consumption site, they will be able to offer products with high freshness at a low transportation cost.

FRD Japan, Co.
Saitama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Currently, most of cultured salmon is imported from cold areas such as Norway and Chile, but in the future Vietnamese salmon may be circulated around the world.