December 26, 2018

#1046. A company that spreads Konjac in the world!

      Japan’s traditional healthy food, konjac maker with 130 year-business record has achieved a global expansion in 2002!

The Konjak manufacturer founded in 1877 has been making Japan’s traditional konjak products. People living outside of Japan traditionally had no cuisine culture of eating konjak, but the company started selling it globally as a healthy food since 2002. At first, they had struggle making it popular, however, the situation changed in a better way after the New York Times ran the article saying that Konjak Noodle is healthy and good for dieters. It became a hit product in Western countries and it currently serves as a substitute for spaghetti in the UK and France. Through a trial and error process, the company improved its product to suit Westerners’ palate and their efforts finally bear fruit. Their new product “Miracle Mannan” also became popular among Western people who have a strong interest in staying healthy.