August 22, 2018

#951. Processing machine “SBOAGM”! to automatically remove the internal organs of the cuttlefish and to assort every part!

     Squid disassembly machine “SBOAGM” with processing capacity of 35 tails per minute was finally completed.

So far, removing the internal organs of a cuttlefish and sorting them into each part is carried out by human power, and it has been considered impossible to do exactly with machines. “SBOAGM” breaks down this common sense for the first time and has become a topic in the fisheries processing industry. Because it clean up the squid with precision which can not be defeated by skilled workers, it will not break the internal organs and take time for post-treatment. Productivity is greatly improved than anything else, and manual shortage is also solved.

Shizuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The work and the processing for which it's quite difficult to automate by a machine often exist in the world. Squid processing work was one of them, but "SBOAGM" will take over the dismantling processing of squid all over the world.