March 01, 2018

#841. Amazing aqua-farming system “RIPPLE” enables on-land farmed fish at low cost!

     Innovative “RIPPLE” has overturned the conventional idea of on-land cultivation.

“RIPPLE” is the company)s original aquaculture technology which can reduce the initial investment and running cost and also reduce the risk of fish disease at the same time. Its original aqua tank with water-circulating system provides fish with efficient water current and dissolved oxygen. With just one tank, we can manage the whole system and generate all water circulation so that it can save up some energy while in operation. Water in the aqua tank is filtered and circulated again.

Aquatech Japan, Inc.

Comments from Organizer

People are now paying close attention to RIPPLE,which is the innovative on-land aquaculture, because we have already noticed the number of fish is decreasing.