February 28, 2018

#840. A company that spreads its “konjac” pasta and spread to the world!

     A company spreading Japanese traditional health food “Konjac” ultra low calorie dietary fiber mass to the world!

Nowadays, Japanese traditional health food “Konjac” is a big boom all over the world. Consumption in Italy has increased dramatically, and it is also eaten as a staple pasta. This company is a company spreading this konjac to the world. Based on the advice of Western chefs, inventing red, yellow and green konnyaku, mixing grain and vegetables, and making pasta type products became the opportunity to spread to the world. It is also a factor of success to process the noodle section into a star shape so that it has something like a noodle and soup and sauce are easy to slide down your throat. Konjac, which is ultra-low calorie and a mass of dietary fiber, is rapidly spreading to the world as a healthy diet.