February 08, 2018

#826. Stone “Porous Alpha” of the magic to save countries of the desert which assumes shortage of water a common problem!

     Stone “Porous Alpha” of the magic to reduce consumption of the water to half, and to enable tomato cultivation!

“Porous Alpha” is an epoch-making magic stone that leads to solving the problem of the dry zone of the world. “Porous Alpha” is like a pumice which is called a glass foam, and has the function of saving up water. The secret is the myriad of holes made in stones, where you can put water in here. And this product is already active in Morocco. Moroccan farmland is a dry sandy land, and a lot of watering is necessary. However, it is a chronic water shortage. It was “Porous Alpha” that solved such a problem. By mixing it in the soil, even if the amount of water is halved,it was demonstrated that the yield does not change and attracted a lot of attention. In the future, the diffusion will be advanced in many countries with the problem of water shortage.

Tottori Resource Recycling, Inc.
Tottori Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

"Porous Alpha" is approved materials from world dry lands agriculture, and the big reason is the point where itself "is no damage"