July 18, 2017

#697. Smoker without smoke, “IBUSHIGIN” by potter who sold 750,000 units of rice cooker!

     A breakthrough smoker “IBUSHIGIN” that does not produce smoke is developed for indoor smoke making enjoyment!

It is common to enjoy smoking outdoors, but can enjoy a smoking dish easily indoors if there is this smoking device “IBUSHIGIN”. As for the biggest characteristic of “IBUSHIGIN”, smoke does not go out of the smoked container. The secret is that you can put the water into the groove between the main body and the lid, and the sealing effect makes the mechanism that smoke does not leak out of the smoking machine. It also features smoked dishes in a short time of less than 30 minutes. The material of this smoker is soil containing microbial carcasses that can be taken from the stratum 4 million years ago. In the manufacturing process of microorganisms, microorganisms are burned away with high heat, and the remaining minute microparts demonstrate the far-infrared effect of the instrument.