July 12, 2017

#693. The innovative fryer that a calorie can fall in an innovation technology!

     The food industry gets a lot of attention as a revolutionary flyer “Dr. Fry” that raises the taste of fried foods by radio wave vibration, and makes calories down!

“Dr. Fry” is a retrofitting device for commercial fryers generating radio wave vibration of 50,000 times (50 kHz) per second in oil. This vibration reduces the moisture in the oil and food at the molecular level, and as a result, it does not let the moisture which is the source of the umami of the food material be lost from the food. Besides, it has the effect of lowering the calorie of fried food, so many food industries including the food service industry are sending a hot eye.

evertron Inc.

Comments from Organizer

The company plans to launch "Dr. Fry" not only for business use but also for home use soon. There is no mistake to be a big hit all over the world.