July 07, 2017

#690. The company which made a big success by the strawberry cultivation that made full use of IT provides cultivation know-how abroad!

     A company with a great success that makes anyone can make experience and know-how of masterpieces cultivated strawberries provide this know-how to India!

The manager of this company was originally a manager of IT (information technology) venture, and agriculture was an entirely of amateur. He asked strawberry master for teaching, making the experience and know-how of master people software which can cultivate strawberry using IT. The now-how such as temperature, humidity, solar radiation, CO2 concentration, etc. important for cultivation are converted to data, and strawberries are cultivated with a house equipped with a device that automatically controls C 02 concentration, temperature, humidity etc comfortably. This company started activities to spread the cultivation method of strawberries making full use of this IT overseas. Currently, production of strawberries in this know-how is starting in India.

GRA Inc.
Miyagi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The strawberry harvested by this strawberry cultivation method has already got a high evaluation with sweetness and a taste in Japan. Guaranteed know-how becomes the base if you pair with this company, and the success will be reliable.