October 26, 2016

#490. Sesame oil maker of the overwhelming share!

         The well-established maker which it produces only sesame oil more than 150 years and sells it, and continues keeping a top share! The maker which accumulated original know-how to take delicious oil out of sesame for long time more than 150 years!

This company is a maker specialized in sesame oil of the 1858 establishment of a business, and it’s said that there isn’t a person who doesn’t know the name of this company. The most important one is “baisen” which roasts sesame by sesame oil making, and the quality of fragrance is fixed by this roast. When temperature rises the important point at roast by rising up a temperature even 1℃, a fragrance becomes hard and becomes thin when it falls down adversely. Because this company gives that fragrant fragrance when they squeezed it, by a longtime effort and technical accumulation they succeed it in carefulness and managing it thoroughly at roast temperature. As a result, They are proud of the sales that are higher than 24 million of them a year overwhelming other companies. In late years the sales in foreign countries increase to a global Japanese foods boom.

Kadoya Sesame Mills inc.

Comments from Organizer

The sesame oil of this company has a fragrance and the taste that other companies cannot imitate. Not only used in Japanese food, at home to enjoy the Chinese and Western overseas, it has started being used in that increase the fragrance and flavor.