August 23, 2016

#431. Epoch-making technique of the global furniture maker which let many designers groan.

        The epoch-making technique of a global maker overturning the common sense of the furniture industry!

Generally, the wood used for furniture was broad leaf trees such as a beech or the Japanese oak, but succeeded in this company using the coniferous cedar which was disadvantageous in at an extreme point. The biggest characteristic overcomes a coniferous extreme weakness and is at the point where they made use of beauty of the grain of wood of the cedar in to the maximum. Grain of wood and the beautiful furniture of the form create a big sensation with announcement.

Yamagat Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The conifer series furniture of this company attracts people with beauty of the grain of wood, and it is said that it is the situation that many order is placed now. The furniture of your original form will produce these companies easily.