July 25, 2016

#399. The marvelous technology which makes the food a dry food!

         Great technique to let you think that there is not the food which they can’t make dry.

This company is a pioneer company with the high technique of dry foods using the freeze dry manufacturing method and the air dry manufacturing method with the hot wind from vegetables to fruit by the establishment of a business since 1949. Nowadays when utilization of the food is demanded, the technique of dry foods attracts attention from the various fields.
The Japanese prominent dry foods technology gets a high evaluation in the world, and this company is already expanding in China and Viet Nam.

Nagano Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

When processing vegetables and fruit into a dry hood, a products can be preserved a long period. The taste that the food stays good is spoiled only by saving it, but the product of this company can only keep food original taste for a long time.