July 16, 2016

☆003 Breaking Report! Emerging agriculture with “ICT”!

            The world pays attention to production of a luxury strawberry which they make full use of “ICT“!

The emerging agriculture that they applied ICT in is the following mainly.
・A skill of craftman in a manual
・they grasp comfortable environment from remoteness for strawberry cultivation in real time and can maintain it
・Tradition of the skill of craftman
It is possible for the science agriculture that eliminated perception and experience by making form intellect using “ICT” and the product of the high quality is stable and can produce it. As a result, they can brand the product. This is because perpetuity, universality are demanded in a brand.

Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc.
Miyagi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

A high quality was evaluated, and the strawberry which this company produced gained a value of 1,000 yen/one. This company is a pioneer of the agriculture that they applied "ICT" in and can apply their know-how to other crops producers.