June 11, 2016

#373. The very popular Japanese knife combining 700 year-old-tradition and modern design!

      The US Magazine of Industrial Design highly recommend the Japanese knife which has a 700 hundred-year-history and a modern design at the same time!

Echizen knives  have been preserving a long history of Japanese traditional fire forging technology and a hand finish process. The sharpness and durability of Echizen knives developed with its original forging technology has been very popular since ancient times. In recent years, they have concentrated on the development of the original products with more usability and sophisticated design. They have been receiving a flood of orders since TV station broadcasted the program about these knives.

Takefu Knife Village
Fukui Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

We cannot buy the time, but we can buy the product produced by the 700 year-old traditional technique. With a supreme knife, maybe we can create an excellent dishes. Superior cooks realize that fact so that they can wait until the knives arrive.