June 08, 2016

#371. Japanese traditional healthy food ” Dried-Frozen Tofu”!

      The traditional healthy food ” Dried-Frozen Tofu” promises us health and longevity!

After a new nutrient was found in Dried-Frozen Tofu, its leading maker is now receiving too many orders to cover.
It contains the following nutrients.
●Resistant Protein: an efficacy to prevent myocardial infarction, cerebral       infarction, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes
●Soybean saponin: an efficacy to accelerate a diet and to prevent a cancer
●Vitamin E: an efficacy to delay aging
●Isoflavone: an efficacy to prevent osteoporosis
●Other minerals: Calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, a dietary fiber etc.

Asahimatsu Foods Co., LTD.
Nagano Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The powder dried-frozen tofu, one of the company's popular products, is easily cooked and favored by many people. They are preserved foods and ideal healthy food in case of selling overseas. If you deal with this Dried-Frozen Tofu, you can be a messenger delivering the secret of Japanese longevity.