March 01, 2016

#316. Amazing technology to freeze fish or meat like they are in hibernation!

     The marvelous “Tomin” technology to put fish to sleep and keep the freshness, very different from the conventional refrigeration.

Freezing speed is 20 times faster than the conventional freezing and its “Liquid Freezer” technology delays the cell destruction of food. Because of these characteristics, its freshness is almost the same as raw food after thawing. The new freezing technology to put food in the frozen liquid is expected to be the revolution in the frozen food industry.

Technican Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

People who tried the food frozen with "Tomin" technology say the taste is just like the same as fresh food after thawing them. The company attracts lots of attention from various fields because the technology made it possible to conserve and transport the fruit with its freshness preserved as well as meat and fish.