December 09, 2015

#278. Amazing automatic cake manufacturing machine!

         The world is now paying attention to the machinery manufacture company which has developed automatic cake manufacturing machine.

All sorts of sweets or bread like sandwiches, roll breads, cookies, Japanese cakes, western and Chinese confectionery can be manufactured by the company’s machines. They are germ-free because they are manufactured in a clean environment and completely made by machines, so that they will not go bad for a long time and will not cause food poisoning. Another merit is cost-efficiency by automatization. The company provides an impressive lineup of machines which can be used in a big factory and as well as for a privately-run store.

MASDAC Co., Ltd.
Saitama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Safety of food is now universal issue. From a hygiene perspective, sweets made by the company's machines will be highly regarded and its sales will be soared.
At the discretion of your ideas, you could make your country's original character cakes because the machine can arrange various different shapes for your image.
You could make it big with hit products if you have a unique idea.