November 27, 2014

#81. Wasabi!

  New era Spice! Japan traditional Spice “Wasabi” blows new wind in the cuisines of the world.

Is a new product developed by number one company established wasabi. It is called “super-low-temperature grating process “Flesh-Frozen Grating Method”, and the freshness of a fresh Japanese horseradish is maintained for a long period of time.

Kinjirushi Co., Ltd.
Aichi prefecture

Comments from Organizer

If you are a cook, you should use the traditional spices of Japan that leading chefs are incorporated into the cuisine. Wasabi, greatly expands the width of your cooking and expands the customer satisfaction. If you are involved in the food business, now, If you are engaged in food business, now, this wonderful spice " Wasabi" Japanese horseradish should be in handling immediately. Big chance is brought to you.