November 27, 2014

#78. The “champagne ice chiller” which that “Dom Pérignon”! extols!

       The “champagne ice chiller” which that “Dom Pérignon” champagne extols!

The wooden champagne ice chiller which it is light, and cold insulation characteristics of the bottle are high, and is hard to do dew condensation.
As well as a function, the beauty of the tree and gentleness and form make an elegant time. A famous champagne maker and an overseas prestigious restaurant praise the traditional skill of Japan

Nakagawa Mokkougei Hirakoubou
Shiga prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Beautiful grained wood is a gift from the nature. For the luxury champagne it requires suitable container. If it is this ice chiller, not to mention it, joy of those who drink will be raised beyond the value which that champagne has.