May 16, 2017

#662. Innovative driver’s management system for commercial vehicles with combination of accurate Breathalyzer!

     The professional company develops Breathalyzer and driver’s management system with high accuracy and multi-functions.

The company is leading in the production of Breathalyzer for commercial vehicles. Its breath alcohol tester is very accurate, multi-functional, clever and speedy to process. It has already gained contracts with many Japanese companies. It has developed ignition interlock device which prevents the engine from starting until the driver passes breath alcohol testing.

Tokai Denshi Inc.
Shizuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Punishment for drunk driving is becoming strict in each country. Companies employing drivers are also more responsible for managing their employees not to let them drive while intoxicated. The company's excellent Breathalyzer and driver’s management system will become more popular across the world.