April 28, 2017

#645. “Fukuya” is the first manufacturer of Mentaiko, salted cod roe spiced with red pepper, which is expected to be spread across the world!

     “Fukuya” introduced “mentaiko” to the Japanese for the first time, spread across Japan and expected to spread around the world next.

Fukuya started its business in Fukuoka prefecture and  introduced mentaiko to the Japanese for the first time through a process of trial and error. Its taste spread from Fukuoka to every prefectures in Japan. Everyone in Japan knows the taste of mentaiko now. There are more than 300 companies in Fukuoka prefecture including big and small or medium sized ones. The company opened their manufacturing method of mentaiko to the local food processors instead of filing the patent application. That is why the mentaiko market quickly spread across Japan. Food processors competed their mentaiko tastes, taste of mentaiko improved, different type of mentaiko was introduced and more people became fans of mentaiko. Many people expect that more people will be fascinated by the taste of mentaiko abroad. Followed by sushi and ramen, mentaiko will be global Japanese food.