November 24, 2015

#267. New product line of beach sandal,”Blue Dia” became a big hit!

         A long-established rubber company which released the world’s first beach sandals is continuing good sales of a new piece of sandals.

An old footwear manufacturer which released beach sandals for the first time in the world put the new sandals on the market. Customers can freely choose the color of clog thong or sole of beach sandal ”Blue-Dia” as well as choose the type of flower decoration on the clog thong and make them original ones.

Naigai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Osaka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

A company established in 1913 has been focusing on research and development. That is the secret for them keep growing in the competitive market.
It seems that ”Blue-Dia” has a charm to naturally attract women.