December 05, 2014

#88. Canned “Takuan”!

      After the popular traditional Japanese food canning, besides also to non-Japanese overseas very popular!

When this company canned popular traditional Japanese food called “Takuan” the pickled radish and they jumped into fame from the foreigners more than a Japanese. They got great admiration as the new good flavor. There had some smells to the conventional pickled radish, but canceled this by canning it. The interest has been evaluated towards a Japanese increases this time from foreign countries by this canned pickled radish. In addition, the one side as the health food of pickled dried radish is evaluated, and an inquiry about this canned “Takuan” comes from all over the world.

Michimoto Foods Products Co., Ltd
Miyazaki prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The traditional food, pickled radish in Japan which is one of the world's best longevity countries will bring longevity and health to the people of your country. As for you, you can become the introduce of unique and delicious "pickled radish" which there is nowhere of this world now. If there is not it, it will not be suggested to another person that oneself is delicious with food to think of, and besides it is not possible for business. Only to the person who took action, you always do chances.