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JTReport-news.com is a members-only website. (Annual fee US$10.00 including an enrollment fee)
Members can access latest valuable business information timely clipped from over Japan’s 10 TV stations, 50 dailies and 10 business magazines.

In addition, we can provide you supporting services at a special members’ price, if you request.

Service Contents (fee-based)

  • A proxy service of appointment setting (US$97.00 per one setting on a success-fee basis)
  • Agency service of research and reservation concerning hotels or transportation (actual expense)
  • Travelling together to the target company (actual expense)
  • Agency service of obtaining samples from the target company and its shipment (actual expense)
  • Agency service of research requested from members (actual expense)
  • Any other services requested from members (actual expense)

We have no direct relationship with the companies or institutions posted on our website and we also have a policy not to receive any compensation from these sources of information. By doing so, we believe that we could act in the best interest of our members and give them beneficial pieces of information. If we agreed to gain some reward from information sources, we are likely to treat favorable information for them. JTReport-news.com has a basic business philosophy of avoiding financial relationship with information sources to protect members’ interests and to provide unbiased information with level-headed judgments.

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