About us

The objective of JTReport-news.com is not only to deliver Japan’s technical information to overseas people but to provide useful information which could have the potential to enrich and flourish the lives of all of our members. What made us start this service was that the request from our very special friend asking us to give him the technical information in Japan. Isn’t it natural that everybody wants his or her friends to enjoy affluence and prosperity? Who else tries to offer valued friends junky information which could waste their time and make them exhausted?

If you fully understand the information value on our website and decide to be an exclusive member, you will be treated as the same as our special friends. Once you become a member, you are allowed free access to our worthwhile information.

We put extra focus on collecting various kinds of information sources and at the same time, high-value information. We obtain Japan’s technical information from various sources including the Internet, economic presses, local papers, economic journals, TV programs and etc. Only carefully selected and effective information will be translated into English and will be provided to exclusive members.

We have no direct relationship with the companies or institutions posted on our website and we also have a policy not to receive any compensation from these sources of information. By doing so, we believe that we could act in the best interest of our members and give them beneficial pieces of information. If we agreed to gain some reward from information sources, we are likely to treat favorable information for them. JTReport-news.com has a basic business philosophy of avoiding financial relationship with information sources to protect members’ interests and to provide unbiased information with level-headed judgments.

For all exclusive members and visitors of our website, we really must beg you to act on your own will when you initiate a contact or negotiate a business deal or you request information materials from the companies and organizations which are seen on the lists of our website. Once again, we reaffirm our position that JTReport-news.com has nothing to do with the companies and organizations we had posted on our site. We may add that we do not take any responsibility for your personal loss or damage incurred by your own act.

We all extend our sincere wishes for the continuing expansion and prosperity of yours.